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Blender is pretty cool

I first played around with 3D modeling and rendering way back on the Commodore Amiga. That cool little computer was ahead of its time. Messed around with 3D Studio Max years ago while building a game engine for Cyberdyne Interactive. But haven’t given it any thought in at least a decade.

I love my OOriginal Coder logo and wanted to get a 3D version of it. My skills are way out of date and last I checked a decent 3D system was a couple thousand dollars so I hired someone to create a 3D model and render it. In the middle of that I discovered Blender. Its an extremely capable full blown 3D modeling, animation and rendering system that is completely free. This thing has way more features than the old version of 3D Studio Max I used years ago.

The 3D model I got back of my 2D logo was pretty good but I didn’t like the angles and lighting on the rendered images. So I tossed the model into Blender and rendered my own output. Took me less than 30 minutes to watch a quick YouTube tutorial, setup the scene and render it. My modeling skills still suck but now I know that if I ever want to mess around with 3D I could do it for free without having to sacrifice capabilities.

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  1. The only thing I’m not particularly happy about in that 3D image are the colors. They are too light, they should be closer to the colors in the Original Coder logo. But that’s how they rendered with the lighting.

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