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For posts that are on other random subjects and potentially completely off topic.

CyberPunk 2077

I am not a fanboy. I don’t get excited about upcoming games. But OMG I’ve been following CyberPunk 2077 for awhile and it now has a release date! April 2020! For the first time ever I think I’m going to have to pre-order a Collector’s Edition game!

I’ll explain. Way, way, way back in college (in the 1090s) I got introduced to the CyberPunk RPG and I loved it. Then the CyberPunk 2020 edition came out and it was even better. I played RPGs when I was young but nothing ever captivated me as much as CyberPunk. I even loved the novels set in the genre (it is stil, to this day, my favorite genre for books & movies).

I don’t play games all that often but The Witcher III from CD Projekt Red was one of the best I ever played. Then I found out that their next title would be CyberPunk 2077. They are basing it on the CyberPunk 2020 RPG and they have the author of that game on staff helping them develop it! I have never in my life been this interested in a video game.

And then I was watching the latest trailer / video of the game and it was just as awesome as the ones I had seen before. Right up to the point that Kenu Reves shows up in the video right at the end as a character! Have you ever seen Johnny Mnomonic?

So this is what it feels like to be a fanboy. For this, I’m okay with it.

CyberPunk 2077 @ Steam

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OOMA & .US Domain Spam

I’ve had OOMA VoIP service for a home phone line for about 3 years.  The quality and cost were excellent, but I wasn’t using it enough and started getting MASSIVE spam marketing calls so cancelled it.  Best cancellation experience I’ve ever had.  They were very nice plus the suggested reselling my hardware, gave me tips and a transfer code to give the new owner 2 months free and 1 year hardware warranty.  Wow.  If you want a VoIP phone get OOMA, they rock.

The reason I’m getting all that massive spam marketing calls is my horrible mistake in registering a .US domain name.  You can’t use a private registration service for .US domains, so your personal information gets associated with the domain name.  Very shortly after that happened I started getting an insane number of calls from Indian web development firms wanting to “help me” with my new domain.  I’m talking like 8-12 calls per day, every day.  It lasted for 2 weeks before I set the VoIP service to reject all calls not on my contact list with a disconnect message.  Turned that off after 2 months and I still get about a call a day!  Insane.

My suggestion: Never, ever, ever, ever register a .US domain name (at least with you real contact information).

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Now I’ve done it. I’ve gone and started a blog.

This (dreaded?) day has finally arrived. I’ve started my own blog. More than that, I’ve started a “professional blog”. Which means this is going to take work. While I find writing C# professionally fun the idea of having to write English prose as work doesn’t sound appealing.

Sure, I’ve thought about doing this numerous times over the years. I kinda feels like at my experience level I’m rather expected to have a blog. Long ago I did have a LiveJournal that I posted to regularly. That used to be a thing, if you never heard of it that should indicate how long ago that was.

On the bright side I am passionate about and do love software development. I have an insanely large amount of experience and have worked on a wide array of systems spanning the entire spectrum of scale. And I care about software development and producing the very best architectures and code possible for any given situation. So maybe having a blog won’t be so bad.

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Welcome to my blog!

I’ll mostly be posting about software architecture & development since that’s what I know best. There will also be some posts about IT, the cloud, the Internet and similar stuff. Occasionally I may toss in a piece of trivia or a quote. If you have thoughts, ideas or questions please leave a comment!

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