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CyberPunk 2077

I am not a fanboy. I don’t get excited about upcoming games. But OMG I’ve been following CyberPunk 2077 for awhile and it now has a release date! April 2020! For the first time ever I think I’m going to have to pre-order a Collector’s Edition game!

I’ll explain. Way, way, way back in college (in the 1090s) I got introduced to the CyberPunk RPG and I loved it. Then the CyberPunk 2020 edition came out and it was even better. I played RPGs when I was young but nothing ever captivated me as much as CyberPunk. I even loved the novels set in the genre (it is stil, to this day, my favorite genre for books & movies).

I don’t play games all that often but The Witcher III from CD Projekt Red was one of the best I ever played. Then I found out that their next title would be CyberPunk 2077. They are basing it on the CyberPunk 2020 RPG and they have the author of that game on staff helping them develop it! I have never in my life been this interested in a video game.

And then I was watching the latest trailer / video of the game and it was just as awesome as the ones I had seen before. Right up to the point that Kenu Reves shows up in the video right at the end as a character! Have you ever seen Johnny Mnomonic?

So this is what it feels like to be a fanboy. For this, I’m okay with it.

CyberPunk 2077 @ Steam

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